FUJIFILM MyFinePix Studio

FUJIFILM MyFinePix Studio 4.5

FUJIFILM MyFinePix Studio can be used to manage your images and videos

FUJIFILM MyFinePix Studio is an application that you can use to manage your images and videos in a number of ways: you can easily edit and print your images and videos, as well as instantly upload them on various social networks, such as Facebook and YouTube.
The interface provides access to four main sections of the program: Import Images, Print images, View images and Net Service.

The first section can be used whenever you need to discharge images from other devices such as digital cameras or memory cards. You will be asked to connect the device to your computer and then you can easily transfer the pictures.

The second section can be used whenever you want to view and print images from your computer. You can group your images according to different criteria such as the date when they were taken or the file name. You can import folders containing a large number of images and easily select the ones you wish to print. You will see that the images from the selected folder will be displayed in the middle section of the screen. You will have to select the ones you wish to print and click on the "Add" icon. The selected images will then appear on the print section of the same screen.

The third section provides quick ways to view your files according to their type. Therefore, the media filter bar will allow you to quickly view your images, videos, audios and track data by clicking on the corresponding icon, which will display only the files belonging to the respective category. You can also visualize 2D or 3D images, as well as view images in panoramic mode. Furthermore, you will be able to quickly upload your files on YouTube or Facebook directly from within this application. You will have to click on one of the two corresponding icons and you will be guided through the uploading process.

The last section will quickly connect you to myfinepix.com, a site where you can create an account and start sharing pictures with other people who are passionate about photography.

All in all, FUJIFILM MyFinePix Studio can be useful for anyone who needs a good tool for the managing of their media files. It is especially useful for those who need to print large numbers of images, as well as for those who are constantly transferring images on their computers.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Easy management of large numbers of files
  • Quick upload to two social networks
  • Well-organized menu


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